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The Institute for Strategy Development (IFSE) connects a network’s creativity and intelligence with the efficiency of a slim bureaucracy. Founded in 2003 by a consortium of entrepreneurs, researchers and experts at the University of Witten/Herdecke, IFSE moved its main activities to Berlin at the end of 2007. We support our clients with studies, evaluations, strategy workshops, trainings and moderations in solving relevant strategic challenges. As generalist in strategy consulting, we focus on trend as well as environment and organizational analyses at the intersections of economy, culture and politics. 

Our interdisciplinary team unites its diverse expertise with qualitative examination methods in order to provide clients with a significant added value and takes an external perspective onto the organization and its environment. Nobody can look into the future, but one can try to understand the starting position and present of an organization to the point that one is better prepared for the future than the competitors. The effectiveness of strategy consulting is revealed by identifying potentialities of change, to activate and embed new rules into the organizational structure. Thanks to our extraordinary approaches to consulting, a strong network and trustful cooperation with our clients, IFSE has presented an alternative to classical management consulting for almost ten years.


For each project, the Institute for Strategy Development puts together a team from its network. This network consists of economists, cultural scholars, historians, philosophers, sociologists and psychologists, historians and physicians. In the studies and consulting projects of IFSE since 2003, more than seventy associates, students and scientists were involved. More than five hundred experts have been a part of our work so far. The IFSE has Partnerships with further research facilities and specialized consulting agencies.