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  • Berlin’s imperfect pitch for UK startups “We shouldn’t be asking which city is better, London or Berlin,” says Wöbken. “We should be asking what Berlin could learn from London and vice versa.” Read more ›
  • Berlin's Tech Scene Sizzles as Marquee Startup Fizzles Bloomberg on a recent study of local start-ups by the Berlin-based Institute of Strategic Development Read more ›
  • Witten/Herdecke University - Web active persons vs. ordinary users - more or less regulations for the Internet? Institut für Strategieentwicklung (IFSE) explores views of Internet users on regulations, online advertising etc. in a study. Read more ›
  • Painted into a corner. As its art market flounders, Berlin's cultural reputation is in jeopardy. While Berlin has long enjoyed a reputation as a vibrant creative centre attracting artists, both struggling and successful, it has not really been able to translate that into a thriving commercial hub. Read more ›
  • Deutsche Welle: "Berlin debates future of its contemporary art" Berlin's arts scene is one of the most diverse and exciting in the world. Will the new "Based in Berlin" exhibition this summer provide a sustainable model for displaying young talent? Read more ›