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German Contemporary Fine Art Galleries 2013

A first empirical national study on the economic situation and cultural role of art galleries in Germany with a focus on contemporary art. Read more ›
2013/10/29   |   Hergen Wöbken

The Second Sex Of The Art Market

Female Artists Heavily Underrepresented In German Galleries Read more ›
2013/10/23   |   Hergen Wöbken and Friederike Landau

New Release: Art Production beyond the Art Market?

The Sternberg Press publication Art Production beyond the Art Market?, edited by Karen van den Berg and Ursula Pasero, discusses the changing nature of artistic practices and strategies of production in the contemporary art context. The authors analyze the multiple antagonisms negotiated in the art field – oscillating between collective creativity and "co-opetition" (a neologism from...Read more ›
2013/10/07   |   Hergen Wöbken and Friederike Landau

Studio Berlin II: Institute for Strategy Development (IFSE) publishes study on the situation of Berlin’s artists

This study on the situation of Berlin’s artists is the IFSE’s second publication on contemporary art in Berlin. The pilot study was published in June 2010 in cooperation with Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.). Read more ›
2011/06/21   |   Hergen Wöbken

Studio Berlin – Study on contemporary art in Berlin

Whoever watches the present depends on a diversity of perspectives. The most interesting developments cannot be categorized usually. To cover the field of contemporary art in a study is a very special challenge since it changes while being described.Read more ›
2011/01/03   |   Hergen Wöbken

The End of Industry Boundaries Within Creative Industries

The technical distribution medium called Internet meant the end for many exploitation models of creative industries. It will also be the end for the sector boundaries within the creative industries. For this reason, companies that are dealing with new business models are confronted primarily with the question of which industry they will be in by tomorrow.Read more ›
2010/09/24   |   Hergen Wöbken